New Tourist Slogan in time for Global Divestment Days

February 14th 2015

Possibly related to the Croatian government’s plans to start oil and gas exploitation in Croatia the Croatian tourist board released their new slogan this week, Croatia, full of life.

source: twitter

Looking to replace it’s former slogan, “the mediterranean as it once was”, this new image reflects the future of Croatia. “Croatia, full of …” is the chosen winner and the Croatian tourist board will be spending millions to update it’s promotional materials.

This latest version of the new slogan (pictured above) was posted on twitter today. Croatia full of Oil is just in time for Global Divestment Day, a new action spearheaded by the group Go Fossil Free.

We are demanding institutions do what is necessary to avert the climate crisis by divesting from fossil fuels. Together, we are making fossil fuels history.

Hundreds of events are planned around the world to encourage institutions to divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies. From a single individual to the largest institution divestment is a way for everyone to speak with their wallet or portfolio.

The concept of divestment came from a report hightlighting the fact that burning existing fossil fuels will emit 5 times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere can safely absorb. According to Naomi Klein in an interview with the Guardian the initial report was a warning to investors, that there was an impending bubble in the energy sector, that burning fossil fuels had to stop. However, she then had another realization:

“No, that’s not right. We’re the bubble.” They’re planning to burn the carbon, and they have made a political assessment that when our politicians said they were going to keep warming below 2 degrees they were lying, that they didn’t mean it. The commitments made in Copenhagen were unbinding, and Exxon and Shell and everyone else decided that that was not something they had to worry about, that they were going to go ahead and burn it anyway.

There is a long list of organizations, cities, universities, foundations and institutions worldwide who have committed to fossil fuel divestment.

The next step needs to be to use investment dollars to push pressure on countries like Croatia and Montenegro and force them to abandon projects to unearth additional fossil fuels and instead leave it in the ground and embark on a plan for clean energy investment.

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